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We are KR Project

KR Project is a venture capital investment fund focused on Pre-Seed/Seed stages with its own Incubator that creates, accelerates, and invests in Early Stage traffic-driven businesses.

We do not invest in startups, but in businesses. We are not interested in investing in projects that cannot survive without the next round of investment. Therefore, we are looking for founders whose main goal is to build a profitable business.

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Vision. Mission. 

We respect honesty and consider it to be the ultimate road to success. We don't pretend to be different from our true selves and expect founders to stick to the same approach.


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People first. Money second. Execution - always

Our vision

To help talented entrepreneurs turn MVPs into successful international businesses.

Our mission 

At the forefront of KR Project is a  team of experts with many years of practical experience in building and developing international digital businesses.
Team members contribute to your product and infrastructure development, establish business process, and help to recruitment and educate your team. Along with other aspects leading to success of our portfolio companies.

Partnership network of startups, experts, business owners, and investors.

Over the years in business and investments, we have managed to build a strong partnership ecosystem with thousands of contacts worldwide. We are ready to go the extra mile to develop our portfolio companies as the sky is the only limit for KR Project.

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